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The grown-up lust list.

July 30, 2006

I’m supposed to be starting work tomorrow, and would be had I not rejected, at the very last minute, a rather screwy-type job offer. Basically I join as an intern for half a year, which pays peanuts, and if they decide to keep me they’ll double the peanuts, which is still shit. I don’t know why it was such a huge dilemma while it lasted; probably something to do with guilt from having squandered the last two months of job-searching time (though admittedly holidaying in Perth is much more fulfilling), mounting desperation because of the lack of response from companies, and my own naiveté about pursuing my passion and crap like that.

Then I went shopping. At Sim Lim. With the boyfriend. And I found a thousand things I wanted to buy (they don’t call me “gadget girl” for nothing).

Before, when I had dwindling cash in my wallet, I comforted myself that when I get a job I’d go back with my first paycheck. Then I realized that if I took the job my pay would be even less than the allowance I’m currently getting, not to mention I’d have to start paying for stuff myself like a responsible grown-up, and I’d be working extreme hours five-and-a-half days a week for it.

That way, I wouldn’t be able to get any of that stuff off my lust list for at least another six months. So… Screw passion, show me the money!

There’s that, and other more mature, less materialistic reasons of course. :p

Oh yeah, but I am still hoping for a career in production, and hopefully one that doesn’t pay too badly.

Anyway, to keep me motivated, here’s the latest lust list (so far):

  1. Nikon D70 dSLR camera ($1700), plus an absolutely adorable Nikon-Crumpler carrying bag ($80).
  2. iMac 20 inch: 2 GHz Intel Core Duo ($2888)
  3. Palm Treo 650 (I can’t believe the price still hasn’t dropped since I eyed it more than a year ago)
  4. Some local brand MP4 digital video recorder ($399) that would come in so handy for my sister’s performances.
  5. Horseriding lessons @ Bukit Timah Saddle Club ($475)
  6. A personal DVD cabinet for my collection that’s now living out of several cartons and a hugeass paperbag in my room.
  7. A membership to a gym/ fitness centre/ dance classes, because I really do need to get off my butt.

Buh bye, again.

July 30, 2006

Woke up at a hideously early hour to send the boyfriend off this morning. So here we go again, for another four months or so. It ain’t that bad I know, I’ve handled this parting shite like five times over before, and I must say pretty well too. But somehow I’m still feeling apprehensive about being back here on my own. I guess staying together for two months does that to you. And maybe it’s also because I’m too envious that he gets to leave this pig-sweating weather behind. No matter, we’ll get used to it soon enough (other than the darned weather, of course).

Anyway, the official photographer of the day rather senselessly took all the photos on the dSLR back to Australia with him, so no pics of Convo just yet. *grumbles* But, I have some from the day after: Sarah-ee’s birthday (belated, because Convo was the actual day) at Little Bali, although it was more a just-hang-out-and-chill thing than a celebration. Sorry, babe. Hope you had fun with us puny folk anyway. Acid Bar next week?
Little Bali

Little Bali is one of my favouritest places ever! I went there with my family the other night after Convo as well, so that makes two days in a row (‘cept that, there are no pictures of course, because all the photos are now on the plane to Perth and blah blah).


Convo is here!

July 27, 2006

In three hours.

I haven’t given it much thought because I don’t think it’s anything more than an over-the-top ceremony that you have to wear a lame robe to. Speaking of which, it’s been weeks since I’ve collected all the Convo paraphernalia but I haven’t yet taken the stuff out of it’s plastic bag. *wrings hands anxiously* Perhaps the one thing I’m looking forward to is collecting my Graduation Bear (yeah you heard right, a teddy bear).

I wouldn’t actually have bothered, but not going was not a choice. In our parents’ era, a child graduating was a big deal and I guess after sponsoring sixteen years (nineteen, if you count pre-school) of my education it’s only right that they get to attend and feel like proud parents would feel. I guess all that stage presentation and gory gowns somehow make it seem like the batch of us have achieved something spectacular, when in reality every other person is a graduate nowadays. Come to think of it, it’s THEM who are the successes, that generation of people who gained affluence from their own great big rags story just in a few decades, such that putting your daughter through college comes so easy. My dad is even insisting on one of those graduate portraits, and I may humour him, eventually. Anyhow, I’m hoping I’ll have time to stop by the hospital on the way to school but I really have to hurry. I foresee ironing will be a big headache without my mom around.



Speak of the devil.

July 26, 2006

I realised I’m very particular about style of writing in the books I read.

I picked up The Devil Wears Prada a week ago because the movie is coming out soon and when films are based on books, I often like to read the book first. Also, I really liked the artwork on the sleeve (I know, I totally judge books by their covers). Anyway, I finally gave up after 45 pages. Truth be told, I was already irked by the first three pages but continued to plough through in deference of the $17 I forked out for it. Well, I tried but I guess there’s another one that’s going to be sitting pretty on my shelf for, like, forever?

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Hanging out over CSI and PS 2.

July 24, 2006

Mom and Sis took the car to the hospital today, so I was effectively stranded at home, especially since I have been designated driver since the boyfriend’s Toyota got banged up in a hit and run more than two weeks ago.

[Speaking of which, why is it that even after having a witness and a license plate number we (by that I mean the boyfriend and his family) still have to pay for the damage ourselves? This is why: our very efficient police force will track the perpetrator’s address from his registration and send him a LETTER, asking him to come forward and make a report. If he doesn’t respond within a stiplulated deadline they’d send him ANOTHER letter. Like, WTH? In the meantime, if we wish to claim insurance from him we cannot start on repairs until the guy admits. And of course the guy doesn’t report it right, and the car has been sitting idle in the garage inconveniencing everyone else in the process, and so the family gets fed up and goes ahead with the repairs, incurring the damages themselves. I just don’t see the justice in that!]

So anyway, we decided we’d take it easy with a stay home and hang out day. Staying home meant I wouldn’t have to budge, of course, but the boyfriend would have to somehow find a way to come over. And he did. By walking all the way to my house in all that heat (the usually cab-obsessed boy!), even making a detour to get lunch. *touched*

After that, I guess it was really a nice, cool and relaxed afternoon for the both of us. Mee goreng and fried rice and CSI and Winning Eleven. By the way, I think I’m really getting good at the game: I won my Sis whom I conned into challenging me. Yes, I (shamelessly) won the never-touched-a-Playstation, doesn’t-understand-nuts-about-soccer Xiu Hui. Once. Like that then I got fight, mah!


A totally lameass movie.

July 23, 2006

Review for Ask The Dust.

Tickets for Thank You For Smoking were sold out, so the boyfriend and I caught the only other movie available instead. I didn’t hear about Ask The Dust prior to this, and was convinced the boyfriend was trying to trick me into watching scary movie with him yet again (the title sounds like it could reasonably be a horror film, right). Turns out it was a “romantic movie”, so I guess the only draw for him probably was the R21 rating. Whatever.

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Thoughts about the week.

July 22, 2006

It’s so difficult to find out such news about your loved one. I thought a nine hour op was bad enough, but it’s worse than we had imagined. No one said this was a possibility: of course we assumed the worst was over when she woke up after the op (that the operation itself was high risk was already made clear to us). Instead they waited till the next day to tell us they had been mistaken about the Stage 0 or Stage 1 (which would have been cured by the op) and that she was in fact suffering from “Advanced Stage” cancer. To put it simply, they opened her up, couldn’t do anything and then sewed her back up. I’m having difficulty coming to terms with that.

And now, my Grandma is in pain (from the op), will be in even more pain (from the cancer), and is still going to die anyhow. The worst thing is, she still thinks that after going through all that starvation, being cut up and the painful road to recovery, she’s all well and good now. And we don’t know how to tell her (I thought dilemmas like these only happened in cliché old Taiwanese dramas).

It’s difficult to see the family, my mom especially, deal with the ordeal. I don’t know what I can do, or what anyone can do for that matter. It’s like, even if I’m out with my friends or looking for a job or doing something else un-hospital related, there’s always this thing weighing on the back of my mind. It’s like a very, very bad PMS, if you know what I mean.

I keep trying to hang around the hospital more, doing what’s possible in my own capabilities, which is basically limited to hanging out with whichever relative is there, bringing oranges from home, ferrying my mom there and buying Chicken Little balloons. I don’t think all that’s gonna be much help anyway. Besides, my Teochew (which is all my Grandma speaks) is really schlecht. Even though she often praises me about the clarity of my dialect, I don’t think I’m adept enough to interprete how the doctors are removing the epidural anesthetic from her back and stuff like that.

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