Early morning workout.

July 19, 2006


In case you’re wondering, I’m not in there. It seems no one bothered to take a single
photo while I was riding, with the exception of a 20 second vid. Boo.

It’s been eons since I last wakeboarded so no doubt my body is gonna be terribly sore when morning comes, but it feels sooooo good. That plus yesterday’s torture of a dance lesson and I can honestly say I’m getting my workout regime back on track (the ‘track’ has apparently had a three year hiatus ). When I was younger I used to love water sports, that is, until I started to care how sea water does horrible things to my hair and the sun roasts my skin. Look, I have this condition: I become black when exposed to UV rays. And I mean literally black as in chao ta, not a nice golden brown tan (I’ve even got pictures from years ago to prove it). Not very glam, especially when all the guys start calling you names.


Here’s evidence I was on that boat.

The point is, there was a great deal of inertia for me to get back out there, and I had forgotten how amazing (and addictive) it is. So it was like a homecoming of sorts for me, great fun and fantastic company. Thanks, babe, babe, dude and dude. We so have to do this again sometime!

Unfortunately, while I’m feeling all perky and ready to challenge myself physically (and I don’t often feel this way) everyone else seems completely knackered and pretty much snored away the whole ride home. Sigh.


Five brave souls. I love this Polaroid we took, though there isn’t much to see here.
The original is now up on the wall of ProAir Watersports at Marina Country Club. šŸ™‚

Well, since I’m in the mood: anyone else who’s up for wakeboarding (or basketball for that matter), jio me!


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