Hanging out over CSI and PS 2.

July 24, 2006

Mom and Sis took the car to the hospital today, so I was effectively stranded at home, especially since I have been designated driver since the boyfriend’s Toyota got banged up in a hit and run more than two weeks ago.

[Speaking of which, why is it that even after having a witness and a license plate number we (by that I mean the boyfriend and his family) still have to pay for the damage ourselves? This is why: our very efficient police force will track the perpetrator’s address from his registration and send him a LETTER, asking him to come forward and make a report. If he doesn’t respond within a stiplulated deadline they’d send him ANOTHER letter. Like, WTH? In the meantime, if we wish to claim insurance from him we cannot start on repairs until the guy admits. And of course the guy doesn’t report it right, and the car has been sitting idle in the garage inconveniencing everyone else in the process, and so the family gets fed up and goes ahead with the repairs, incurring the damages themselves. I just don’t see the justice in that!]

So anyway, we decided we’d take it easy with a stay home and hang out day. Staying home meant I wouldn’t have to budge, of course, but the boyfriend would have to somehow find a way to come over. And he did. By walking all the way to my house in all that heat (the usually cab-obsessed boy!), even making a detour to get lunch. *touched*

After that, I guess it was really a nice, cool and relaxed afternoon for the both of us. Mee goreng and fried rice and CSI and Winning Eleven. By the way, I think I’m really getting good at the game: I won my Sis whom I conned into challenging me. Yes, I (shamelessly) won the never-touched-a-Playstation, doesn’t-understand-nuts-about-soccer Xiu Hui. Once. Like that then I got fight, mah!


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