Convo is here!

July 27, 2006

In three hours.

I haven’t given it much thought because I don’t think it’s anything more than an over-the-top ceremony that you have to wear a lame robe to. Speaking of which, it’s been weeks since I’ve collected all the Convo paraphernalia but I haven’t yet taken the stuff out of it’s plastic bag. *wrings hands anxiously* Perhaps the one thing I’m looking forward to is collecting my Graduation Bear (yeah you heard right, a teddy bear).

I wouldn’t actually have bothered, but not going was not a choice. In our parents’ era, a child graduating was a big deal and I guess after sponsoring sixteen years (nineteen, if you count pre-school) of my education it’s only right that they get to attend and feel like proud parents would feel. I guess all that stage presentation and gory gowns somehow make it seem like the batch of us have achieved something spectacular, when in reality every other person is a graduate nowadays. Come to think of it, it’s THEM who are the successes, that generation of people who gained affluence from their own great big rags story just in a few decades, such that putting your daughter through college comes so easy. My dad is even insisting on one of those graduate portraits, and I may humour him, eventually. Anyhow, I’m hoping I’ll have time to stop by the hospital on the way to school but I really have to hurry. I foresee ironing will be a big headache without my mom around.



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