Buh bye, again.

July 30, 2006

Woke up at a hideously early hour to send the boyfriend off this morning. So here we go again, for another four months or so. It ain’t that bad I know, I’ve handled this parting shite like five times over before, and I must say pretty well too. But somehow I’m still feeling apprehensive about being back here on my own. I guess staying together for two months does that to you. And maybe it’s also because I’m too envious that he gets to leave this pig-sweating weather behind. No matter, we’ll get used to it soon enough (other than the darned weather, of course).

Anyway, the official photographer of the day rather senselessly took all the photos on the dSLR back to Australia with him, so no pics of Convo just yet. *grumbles* But, I have some from the day after: Sarah-ee’s birthday (belated, because Convo was the actual day) at Little Bali, although it was more a just-hang-out-and-chill thing than a celebration. Sorry, babe. Hope you had fun with us puny folk anyway. Acid Bar next week?
Little Bali

Little Bali is one of my favouritest places ever! I went there with my family the other night after Convo as well, so that makes two days in a row (‘cept that, there are no pictures of course, because all the photos are now on the plane to Perth and blah blah).


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