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August 15, 2006

It’s my second day of work.

I’m still in the office at 11:30 pm.

And it was decided barely four hours ago that I would be flying off to Bangkok for research tomorrow.

I’ll update (and respond to all my sweet friends whom I’ve been snubbing) when I finally have the time to breathe.


National Day morning.

August 9, 2006

Had breakfast with the gang at Cafe Cartel this morning. Despite several prior attempts to meet up, it’s been a long while since I’ve seen any of them (the last time was during Christmas last year, according to Di). I guess everyone is so busy with their lives that 10 am on a public holiday (i.e. when no one else is sane enough to meet) is about the only time they can spare an hour for old friends.

My dage finally got himself a gal, and suddenly he’s so sweet. 🙂 Am happy for you man!

It was nice playing catch up anyway, even if it was a eat and run thingi. I’m feeling awful about the state of my impending job though, especially when everyone else seems to be having a bright (read: well-paying) future. *ahem* And to top it all off, the guys are planning for their holiday to the States at the end of the year. I, on the other hand, have $2.85 left in my bank.

Okay, I’m supremely envious now.

I just had to get this photo of Jus paying. Doesn’t happen very often you know.

Justin is a rich boy now (he earns more interning than I can hope to earn in the next five years) so breakfast was very generously on him. Everyone say, thanks Jus! And for the Portugal scarf too, I love it. 🙂


Bit the bullet.

August 8, 2006

Oh well, I’ve finally decided to go with “the passion”.

Mostly because the deadline was today and I just wasn’t given the time to deliberate any longer. I guess it’s good, however, and I am comfortable with the decision. I’m always extremely indecisive when there are too many options, but once I am forced into one of them then my only goal becomes making the best of it.

The boss seems to have very high expectations of me. It’s good I guess, that she’s throwing this huge responsibility to me first thing, and that she talks about hoping to confirm me way earlier than the stipulated three months. I feel like telling her, but you don’t even know me, or what I can do! I’m afraid I’ll find out I don’t actually have the aptitude and let her down.

It’s funny how one of the first things she does as my boss is to give me a little pep talk on how not to be so negative and having faith in my own capabilities.



My poor toe.

August 7, 2006

The nail of my pinkie toe just got ripped off. Okay not really, it’s still stuck to my toe by a thread of flesh I suppose, which actually makes it worse coz the nail is flailing about and hurts at the lightest brush.


I don’t even know when I stubbed it. Poor pinkie!


What if…

August 6, 2006

The one thing you thought you wanted all this while may not be what you want after all?

It’s frightening.

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Spring cleaning chaos.

August 4, 2006

I have somehow gotten it into my brain that the cause of melancholic mood lately is due to the clutter of my living environment. My life is in limbo because I haven’t yet gotten rid of the old stuff (my desk is still filled with correspondence from the days of FYP) and that is thus preventing me from ushering in a new stage of my life. Very “feng shui” I know, except that I don’t believe in feng shui.

But I do believe in the truth of my randomly concocted superstition. I guess it’s something to do with the mindset of shutting one chapter of my life the proper way and then starting afresh, which is also the rationale for mandatory spring cleaning before every Chinese New Year (for some people: I personally haven’t sprung-cleaned for eons). Besides, leaving my room in shambles while I lounge in bed watching season after season of Gilmore Girls and The O.C. is making me more and more like a slob and I hate that feeling.

Thus, I came out with the very ambitious plan (at 10 pm at night, no less) to overhaul my life; that is, to organize and then stow away all the stuff I’m accumulated from the past four years in Uni and some from even earlier on in my educational life. So NOT a good idea, especially since digging out everything I have carefully crammed in my closet over the years has resulted in way intimidating chaos. I’ll definitely not be able to sort through it by tonight, or the next few days for that matter, which will cause my already super stressed out mother to freak on me.

Things would be a lot easier if I could simply trash everything in my line of sight like other people do. I mean, I know logically I would probably never look at any of these things again. Yet, I am a master hoarder who sometimes even feels sentimental about her readings and notes. Gah!


Moving on…

August 2, 2006

(As posted on

MovingThis is the day I officially announce I’m moving.

It was not easy to make the decision to stop posting here completely. I must have known for the longest time that Xanga is probably not the most advanced blog host around, but there was a whole lot of inertia to explore other choices. Granted, it was extremely popular in the past, sort of like the “beginner’s blog” if you like, but most of the people I know from here have long moved on.

Personally I’m very resistant to change, which explains why I’ve hung around longer than everyone else. Besides, it’s always annoying when people change blog addresses on whim and I have to update my bookmarks accordingly, so I try to avoid being the one.

Xanga, I must say, has kept me comfortable and contented– for 914 days no less, according to the Xanga banner. I remember I wasn’t too enthusiastic about the concept of blogging when I first started; it was purely out of peer pressure and necessity (so I didn’t have to constantly e-mail everyone updates) for documenting my six-month stay in America. Look how far I’ve come: blogging is now a mainstay of my life, almost to the point of an inexplicable addiction.

So you understand, I’m very sentimental about my site. Plus the people at Xanga are always giving you nice little surprises to keep you happy.

But yeah, there comes a time when you decide to have a look around in the brave new world and discover that there are other places that offer all that, and more. I’ve been trying out WordPress for awhile now actually, and I really wouldn’t consider moving have I not been absolutely delighted.

I like how it appears classy and professional compared to this current site (the design is entirely due to my inaptitude of course), and I figure since I’m being officially thrown out into the working world, now’s as good a time as any to make the switch.

For those who want to follow and updating your bookmark is not too much of a hassle, I welcome you to visit:

Everything from now on will be located there. I’m still me, but I’ll refrain from being so easily identifiable. More than effortlessly traceable still of course, but at least I’m not trumpeting my real name about (I don’t know why I have the habit of referring to myself in the third person). Bleah.

And to Xanga: Thanks for all the good times. 🙂

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