Spring cleaning chaos.

August 4, 2006

I have somehow gotten it into my brain that the cause of melancholic mood lately is due to the clutter of my living environment. My life is in limbo because I haven’t yet gotten rid of the old stuff (my desk is still filled with correspondence from the days of FYP) and that is thus preventing me from ushering in a new stage of my life. Very “feng shui” I know, except that I don’t believe in feng shui.

But I do believe in the truth of my randomly concocted superstition. I guess it’s something to do with the mindset of shutting one chapter of my life the proper way and then starting afresh, which is also the rationale for mandatory spring cleaning before every Chinese New Year (for some people: I personally haven’t sprung-cleaned for eons). Besides, leaving my room in shambles while I lounge in bed watching season after season of Gilmore Girls and The O.C. is making me more and more like a slob and I hate that feeling.

Thus, I came out with the very ambitious plan (at 10 pm at night, no less) to overhaul my life; that is, to organize and then stow away all the stuff I’m accumulated from the past four years in Uni and some from even earlier on in my educational life. So NOT a good idea, especially since digging out everything I have carefully crammed in my closet over the years has resulted in way intimidating chaos. I’ll definitely not be able to sort through it by tonight, or the next few days for that matter, which will cause my already super stressed out mother to freak on me.

Things would be a lot easier if I could simply trash everything in my line of sight like other people do. I mean, I know logically I would probably never look at any of these things again. Yet, I am a master hoarder who sometimes even feels sentimental about her readings and notes. Gah!



  1. I totally get what you mean man. You should look at the clutter in MY room. its worse.

  2. the good thing is all your stuff’s all at one place. mine? 3 different continents. crap. 😦

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