Bit the bullet.

August 8, 2006

Oh well, I’ve finally decided to go with “the passion”.

Mostly because the deadline was today and I just wasn’t given the time to deliberate any longer. I guess it’s good, however, and I am comfortable with the decision. I’m always extremely indecisive when there are too many options, but once I am forced into one of them then my only goal becomes making the best of it.

The boss seems to have very high expectations of me. It’s good I guess, that she’s throwing this huge responsibility to me first thing, and that she talks about hoping to confirm me way earlier than the stipulated three months. I feel like telling her, but you don’t even know me, or what I can do! I’m afraid I’ll find out I don’t actually have the aptitude and let her down.

It’s funny how one of the first things she does as my boss is to give me a little pep talk on how not to be so negative and having faith in my own capabilities.




  1. Way to go, gal!
    As long as you are happy. šŸ˜€

  2. stress is good šŸ™‚ makes us strive to become better.

  3. jia You and have fun gal! šŸ˜›
    Glad u’ve made the choice.

    Which production house you at btw? =)

  4. hey chuanni dun forget to give me your acc details so I can pay u! ;p

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