From mommy and daddy..

September 5, 2006

I got a new toy! *squeals* And a big, big one of that.

It’s supposed to be my grad gift from the parents. *blush*

Yeah, so life’s been major shit. But tonight’s the big night: lounging on my bed and CSI galore!

EDIT>> The boyfriend pointed out this is not my TV. To think I can’t even recognize it. Whatever, I’m not preoccupied with the model numbers of television sets. Anyway, it’s pure bliss for me to be watching drama series now. 🙂



  1. YAYY! its kinda a prezzie for me too since i can always sneak into ur room to watch.. hee. and its totally sadako-safe! *crosses fingers*

  2. WHOA!
    coolness, chuan-nee!
    I wanna go over and watch too!
    I’ve got the second season of 24….

  3. damn digusting can? You lucky girl! WHen can we meet for drinks again???

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