Yihui, this is your fault.

October 31, 2006

Eeps… I absolutely HAVE to have this!

Little pony


I think most girls “my generation” have been in love with My Little Pony at some point. And some boys too: I’m thinking of my childhood buddy Dexter who had a collection of most fancy ponies around, and even gave me one that could flap her wings!

Oh, I miss those days.



  1. oh man! so chio! i have a purple my little pony.. ah.. the days.

  2. oh man.. dexter.. >_

  3. keke.. Im just sharing Chuan! 😛

    Did you managed to get one? I think the My Little Pony piece is nicer than the CareBear one.

    Re. ya jobbie.. How long more before u are a perM?

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