I have a weird sense of humour.

November 3, 2006

“Have you heard about this new animation?” my sister asked me. “About penguins.”

She was talking about this one of course:

Happy Feet!

“But I was wondering, how are they going to identify the characters? I mean, if someone pitched this idea to me, that’s gotta be my first concern.”

Maybe it’s because the image of the dancing penguin was so silly looking, or that I was looking at the background and realized the whole bunch of penguins indeed looked exactly alike, or that my sis made a face to go with the punchline, but I thought she was absolutely HILARIOUS.

And it still tickles me now.

I think I’m too stressed.

Pig is looking forward to: Nov 15, Nov 17, Nov 21 and Dec 16.

[Dec 16 is the Christmas with Corrinne May concert at the Esplanade. Sarah, Brendyn, Howe and I. Anyone else interested?]



  1. i want i want i want! but get me a date.. mope.

  2. hahah.. ur paraphrasing of my words made me sound so formal.. 😛

    yeah you’re too stressed.. but the light at the end of the tunnel!! gambate..

  3. aiyah.. window does not even belong to my hse can?

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