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Papercut: The perils of being an administrator

January 28, 2007

I’m no longer a struggling artist suffering for my art. I’ve sold my soul to the corporate world and working in, of all the exciting industries, manufacturing! And the worst thing is, I am still working 14-hour days, and sacrificing my weekend to prepare for a training on Monday.

I’m even contemplating buying a *gasp* PC now. Don’t be mistaken, I still think Mackies are gorgeous, and I am lusting at the new iMac dual-core with 30-inch monitor and the Macbooks. But as fate would have it, my brand new $700 HP iPac is not supported on my darling Mac, and neither is the way cool Motorola/ Phillips Skype cordless phone I’ve been eyeing for when the boyfriend goes back to Aussie.

So many years of holding out, but once again, practicality is winning over passion.

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