Papercut: The perils of being an administrator

January 28, 2007

I’m no longer a struggling artist suffering for my art. I’ve sold my soul to the corporate world and working in, of all the exciting industries, manufacturing! And the worst thing is, I am still working 14-hour days, and sacrificing my weekend to prepare for a training on Monday.

I’m even contemplating buying a *gasp* PC now. Don’t be mistaken, I still think Mackies are gorgeous, and I am lusting at the new iMac dual-core with 30-inch monitor and the Macbooks. But as fate would have it, my brand new $700 HP iPac is not supported on my darling Mac, and neither is the way cool Motorola/ Phillips Skype cordless phone I’ve been eyeing for when the boyfriend goes back to Aussie.

So many years of holding out, but once again, practicality is winning over passion.



  1. Hey gal!
    Where are you working at now? Welcome to the corporate world… sigh..

    Been popping by regularly for your updates oh. Was getting worried and wondering what happen to you!

    Jia you!!

  2. !! FYP on tonight gal!!

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