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Pet peeve.

May 21, 2007

A Feel Good Read: Chicken Soup For The Singapore Soul

As of January last year, the ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ series has spawned over 165 titles from Chicken Soup for the Mother’s Soul to Chicken Soup for the Prisoner’s Soul to Chicken Soup for the Ocean Lover’s Soul. So perhaps it was only a matter of time before this republic made it to the list making it the first Asian country to have its own Chicken Soup title. Featuring contributors like Ambassador-At-Large at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Tommy Koh, Singapore’s No. 1 golfer Mardan Mamat and founder of the now defunct One Ninety Nine chain Nanz Chong Komo, Chicken Soup for the Singapore Soul is a collection of fluid stories that are comforting and inspirational in a distinctly local fashion. We brew some hot soup in The Living Room with contributors Nanz Chong, Dr Tan Thiam Chye, Jimmy Yap and editor Leong Ching


Ain’t it supposed to read “Chicken Soup for the Singaporean’s Soul”?

And to think it’s proudly printed on the cover of the book and displayed islandwide. So many contributors and editors and nobody noticed the grammatical incorrectness (irony intended) of it?!



Sunday night droppings

May 20, 2007

Life’s simple pleasures= tau hway + you tiao* with the parents after dinner on a Sunday night.

Mom is right, this is probably what I’ll miss if I ever do migrate.

Now, if only the weather were cooler.

(*Quality ones of course @ Rochor Restaurant, Geylang Lorong 18)


DVD box-set junkie

May 20, 2007

This is bad. I have run out of space on my DVD shelves that I bought three months ago.

Every Saturday after Korean, I make a mandatory detour to HMV at Citylink and stock up on DVDs. At least one new set of TV series a week is really no joke, especially when it’s usually gobbled up within two days.

And since there has been nothing new for ages (I am still waiting on Gilmore Girls Season 7, CSI Season 7, Grey’s Anatomy Season 3, One Tree Hill Season 3, Entourage Season 3 Part II, Ugly Betty, Heroes, and Numbers Season 2), I’ve been forced to go back in time and watch some “classic” (to our generation) sitcoms like Dharma & Greg and Mad About You. So now I have yet more stuff to wait on, like Dharma & Greg Season 2 and Mad About You Season 3– 10-year-old series and they are not out in Singapore yet! *wrings hands in frustration*

This is really the ONE big retail addiction of mine. Other people have bag and shoe fetishes (well, I have a bag fetish as well, but not on such massive scale), I have a DVD fetish. Which is really sad, coz while others look better and better with their bags/shoes/clothes/cosmetics purchases, I just end up looking more and more like a couch potato.

It’s really telling: I read in Life! the other day about this new series coming to free-to-air called The Closer, apparently about some FBI-trained interrogator with a Southern accent that can close cases faster by getting confessions out of people than the nitty gritty work of the CSIs. For one thing, the southern accent is not exactly my favourite (which is why CSI Miami (the CSI Emily Procter, to be precise) irritates me); plus, don’t anyone insult the work of CSI! Ok, that aside, I was elated that there was a new series finally, so I went right out to buy the DVDs.

In the past, I used to at least attempt to catch it on TV first.

But, 24 years of experience have taught me:

I. Don’t. Watch. Television.

“Real” TV, I mean. Which is ironic, because even when I was working in television, I never caught a single programme we produced.

One 40-minute episode a week is so delayed gratification, and besides who can work your life around a TV schedule? I admire those people who can say, I have to be back by 10 pm because America’s Next Top Model is on tonight. I think they save a fortune!

Television SHOWS, however, are a different matter altogether.

And I think, suddenly, there are a whole bunch of people like me. Where a leisurely night involves curling up with the newest season of CSI and watching twelve episodes in a shot. The boyfriend has become influenced in the past few months, although his selection consists of Surface, 24, The 4400, Lost and Monk, just a slightly different portfolio from mine. For my sis it’s Alias, Dark Angel and Beverly Hills 90210 (she is also desperately waiting for Season 2 of Beverly Hills). And even my mom, and all the Aunties in Singapore I think, do the same for their Korean serials!

This is the new era of television viewing. Now, please excuse me while I spend the rest of my Sunday night with The Closer.


Do you know what the probability is…

May 15, 2007

Of family members striking lottery 6 times within two weeks?

The boyfriend calculated it as:

10000C30 x 10000C30 x 10000C30 x 10000C30 x 10000C30 x 10000C30

= 0.00000000000000001

(Don’t know if this is the best formula, but what I know of probability I learnt from crashing C-Math lectures back in VJ.)

05.05.07 (Day after my Grandma’s death)-Eldest Uncle and 3rd Uncle- bought Grandma’s Lunar death anniversary

09.05.07 (Day after the Funeral)- Youngest Auntie and 2nd Grandaunt-bought registration plate of the hearst

12.05.07- 3rd Uncle (again) and Daddy

This is like, what, all of her children with the exception of one Uncle who did not buy.

Not to mention the “dream” my eldest granduncle had more than two weeks ago about this exactly. Freaky.

Gonna try my luck too, this Wednesday. :p


Right now, Pig is: *hopeful*


Chicks’ nite out.

May 14, 2007

Me is happy.

It’s been a long, long time since I caught a truly, satisfying chick flick.

Eye candy!

Audrey Tatou

Okay, so maybe the show wasn’t the greatest and I’m just biased, but ain’t that the most beautiful girl in the world?

Aww… I’m in love with Audrey Tatou. She is the Audrey Hepburn/ Holly Golightly of 2007.

Plus, French sounds divine, especially with the incredibly posh hotels and fabulous gowns and shoes. Although, I must admit I didn’t understand much aside from “Oui”, “Je suis desole” and “D’accord”.

So much for Intermediate French. (Nel, let’s pick it up again!)


Movie tickets: $7.50

Tacos we had to sneak in: $2.95

A feel good movie to brighten up your day: – Priceless


Death, she wrote.

May 9, 2007

Funerals are seriously depressing shit.

It is the inevitable. I know, and everybody knows. Logically, we know that that’s actually the best thing to happen for her. Uncle said when we cry it’s not actually for her, it’s for ourselves, it’s selfish. It’s true, Mom said, she had actually had asked for an injection to end it all. And I cried even more.

Yet, when I think about her, I don’t think of her in bed, the white of her eyes dirty yellow, pupils unseeing, jaundiced skin hanging loosely around fragile bones, breathing laboured. I don’t think about how her cells were eating away herself, how she had only two teaspoons of milk for ten days, how her mouth was jet black, how when we dabbed some water on her parched lips she started drowning in it. Or how, when I asked, why is she not on the drip, she has no nutrients! They said there was no point as her body functions had already stopped functioning.

I think about her last month, bedridden and sometimes comatose, but stringing her longest sentence in days when she sipped her favourite beverage proclaiming “kopi-o siang hor jia” (black coffee is the best). I think about her at New Year’s already a quarter her size, yet insisting to play mahjong and cards with us. I think about her after her diagnosis when she could still come by my house, sleep in the guest room and ask about how my “friend” was doing in Australia. And sometimes even farther back, when she taught me how to make ba zhang (my grandma’s ba zhangs were the best until she stopped making them about ten years ago when she became too old) or when we hung around the void deck of the first Bishan flat with all the toys she had gotten for me on our shopping expedition. Most of all, I thought of her smiling, and how I greet her Mama oi, hor mo.

Mama siang chin chye.

At her coffin when everyone said their goodbyes, I said, Hello Mama.

And I cried and cried and cried.

But that is what I want to remember of her, the her in her obituary photo which I actually thought was a very flattering shot. Not the Buddhist chants and the undertaker barking commands at us for one ritual, one procession after another for a good five hours. Not the sterile viewing gallery, the robotic legs leeched to the coffin, the torturous creeping to the chamber and how the room vibrated so we knew that behind the door she had burst into flames.

And though this is probably the most cliche thing to say, it has thrown at my face once again the mortality of man. No, this is not the first person I know who has died. Yes, I know, as one of my colleagues so unfeelingly put it, at the wake no less, it’s not so tragic as it’s not as if she was in the prime of her life. (That pissed me off, really. Shen lao bing si, we know that full well. I know because of that, it logically should not be as “sad” as some other deaths around. But really, should we be comparing which deaths are worse than others?)

In any case, it has somehow left me in an oddly contemplative state.

Like, I am the oldest grandchild and she never got to see her first great grandchild (although I never had, and am not having, the desire to have children). Like, I am scared of cancer. Like, I should stop drinking pasteurized milk (because it apparently causes cancer). Like, I should really start treating my mom, and the people around me, better. Like, maybe I should brush up on my Teochew before it is lost to the younger generation forever.

Weird. That’s why I put it down here, so hopefully it will quit running about in my head.


1D 2N in KL

May 1, 2007

Because of some unforeseen circumstance, we had to rush back yesterday morning instead of tonight. But it was good, nevertheless.

Softball was great. But the sun was seriously scorching and we both got huge blisters just from non-stop ball whacking for a half an hour. I’d forgotten how much the bat tortured my hands. Next time I’m definitely bringing gloves!

One Utama is bloody huge. I think it is bigger than Carousel Mall (in Perth) and Vivocity put together. Spent a fortune, but unfortunately without too much to show for it. Clothes needed for office work are so much more expensive and so much less exciting than those I could wear for production. And a lot harder to find too, if I refuse to just wear long-sleeved shirts in different shades with black pants. I used to be able to buy the whole of Chatuchak in a blink with that sum. Drats, they really ought to pay me more.

The bus was comfy, more comfy than a flight even– the boyfriend just took a five hour flight the day before and the five-hour bus ride the next, so I assume he would be a good judge. Plus, I finally managed to catch Initial D with the in-bus entertainment system. Although, I already have the DVD at home, just don’t know why I never got around to watching. It’s just one of those utterly enjoyable, brainless movies, you know those sort of “chick flicks” my sis and I are so guiltily addicted to– or in this case, more of a “dick flick”. I was so inspired by the spectacular drifting that I actually went right out and bought The Fast and The Furious Tokyo Drift. And of course being the wannabe movie producer that I am, I was thinking, where the hell did they manage to find the location with the crazy hairpin curves?

I also managed to buy Mukhsin on DVD while I was there, for RM13.90. Whee! And The Beautiful Washing Machine, which I presume is like one of those abstract arts films I will stick on my DVD rack and never get around to watching. But hey, I always make it a point to scour for hard-to-find local films whenever I am in a country. Plus, it’s award-winning, apparently.

And the only photo we managed to take before the battery ran out was one of me with Mr. A&W bear. :p

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