1D 2N in KL

May 1, 2007

Because of some unforeseen circumstance, we had to rush back yesterday morning instead of tonight. But it was good, nevertheless.

Softball was great. But the sun was seriously scorching and we both got huge blisters just from non-stop ball whacking for a half an hour. I’d forgotten how much the bat tortured my hands. Next time I’m definitely bringing gloves!

One Utama is bloody huge. I think it is bigger than Carousel Mall (in Perth) and Vivocity put together. Spent a fortune, but unfortunately without too much to show for it. Clothes needed for office work are so much more expensive and so much less exciting than those I could wear for production. And a lot harder to find too, if I refuse to just wear long-sleeved shirts in different shades with black pants. I used to be able to buy the whole of Chatuchak in a blink with that sum. Drats, they really ought to pay me more.

The bus was comfy, more comfy than a flight even– the boyfriend just took a five hour flight the day before and the five-hour bus ride the next, so I assume he would be a good judge. Plus, I finally managed to catch Initial D with the in-bus entertainment system. Although, I already have the DVD at home, just don’t know why I never got around to watching. It’s just one of those utterly enjoyable, brainless movies, you know those sort of “chick flicks” my sis and I are so guiltily addicted to– or in this case, more of a “dick flick”. I was so inspired by the spectacular drifting that I actually went right out and bought The Fast and The Furious Tokyo Drift. And of course being the wannabe movie producer that I am, I was thinking, where the hell did they manage to find the location with the crazy hairpin curves?

I also managed to buy Mukhsin on DVD while I was there, for RM13.90. Whee! And The Beautiful Washing Machine, which I presume is like one of those abstract arts films I will stick on my DVD rack and never get around to watching. But hey, I always make it a point to scour for hard-to-find local films whenever I am in a country. Plus, it’s award-winning, apparently.

And the only photo we managed to take before the battery ran out was one of me with Mr. A&W bear. :p


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  1. Cool that you came to KUL! hope you had great time here. đŸ˜€

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