Chicks’ nite out.

May 14, 2007

Me is happy.

It’s been a long, long time since I caught a truly, satisfying chick flick.

Eye candy!

Audrey Tatou

Okay, so maybe the show wasn’t the greatest and I’m just biased, but ain’t that the most beautiful girl in the world?

Aww… I’m in love with Audrey Tatou. She is the Audrey Hepburn/ Holly Golightly of 2007.

Plus, French sounds divine, especially with the incredibly posh hotels and fabulous gowns and shoes. Although, I must admit I didn’t understand much aside from “Oui”, “Je suis desole” and “D’accord”.

So much for Intermediate French. (Nel, let’s pick it up again!)


Movie tickets: $7.50

Tacos we had to sneak in: $2.95

A feel good movie to brighten up your day: – Priceless



  1. yeah! allianse francais..

  2. i caught it! i loved every bit of it.. gonna grab the dvd or something..

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