DVD box-set junkie

May 20, 2007

This is bad. I have run out of space on my DVD shelves that I bought three months ago.

Every Saturday after Korean, I make a mandatory detour to HMV at Citylink and stock up on DVDs. At least one new set of TV series a week is really no joke, especially when it’s usually gobbled up within two days.

And since there has been nothing new for ages (I am still waiting on Gilmore Girls Season 7, CSI Season 7, Grey’s Anatomy Season 3, One Tree Hill Season 3, Entourage Season 3 Part II, Ugly Betty, Heroes, and Numbers Season 2), I’ve been forced to go back in time and watch some “classic” (to our generation) sitcoms like Dharma & Greg and Mad About You. So now I have yet more stuff to wait on, like Dharma & Greg Season 2 and Mad About You Season 3– 10-year-old series and they are not out in Singapore yet! *wrings hands in frustration*

This is really the ONE big retail addiction of mine. Other people have bag and shoe fetishes (well, I have a bag fetish as well, but not on such massive scale), I have a DVD fetish. Which is really sad, coz while others look better and better with their bags/shoes/clothes/cosmetics purchases, I just end up looking more and more like a couch potato.

It’s really telling: I read in Life! the other day about this new series coming to free-to-air called The Closer, apparently about some FBI-trained interrogator with a Southern accent that can close cases faster by getting confessions out of people than the nitty gritty work of the CSIs. For one thing, the southern accent is not exactly my favourite (which is why CSI Miami (the CSI Emily Procter, to be precise) irritates me); plus, don’t anyone insult the work of CSI! Ok, that aside, I was elated that there was a new series finally, so I went right out to buy the DVDs.

In the past, I used to at least attempt to catch it on TV first.

But, 24 years of experience have taught me:

I. Don’t. Watch. Television.

“Real” TV, I mean. Which is ironic, because even when I was working in television, I never caught a single programme we produced.

One 40-minute episode a week is so delayed gratification, and besides who can work your life around a TV schedule? I admire those people who can say, I have to be back by 10 pm because America’s Next Top Model is on tonight. I think they save a fortune!

Television SHOWS, however, are a different matter altogether.

And I think, suddenly, there are a whole bunch of people like me. Where a leisurely night involves curling up with the newest season of CSI and watching twelve episodes in a shot. The boyfriend has become influenced in the past few months, although his selection consists of Surface, 24, The 4400, Lost and Monk, just a slightly different portfolio from mine. For my sis it’s Alias, Dark Angel and Beverly Hills 90210 (she is also desperately waiting for Season 2 of Beverly Hills). And even my mom, and all the Aunties in Singapore I think, do the same for their Korean serials!

This is the new era of television viewing. Now, please excuse me while I spend the rest of my Sunday night with The Closer.


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  1. Whatever happened to Desperate Housewives? It’s at Season 3 now and it’s darn good. Hoho.

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