Damn damn damn.

June 20, 2007


The Socceroos are playing Singapore (ex-Malaysian Cup stars) at the farewell for Kallang Stadium on 30 June 2007!!!

It’s a dream come true!

Except. I will be in Germany during that time.

This business trip has the worst timing ever.

I am flying off two days after the boyfriend finally comes back for the holidays no less.

I am going to wring somebody’s neck.

More memories of the Socceroos here, here and here. *sniff*



  1. hey you gonna be in Germany?!!! when??? haha mebbe you can stop in London if got time!

  2. Hey girl, how’ve you been? What are you doing now? I bookmarked your xanga blog but I didn’t know you had it transferred to wordpress. So cool…how did you do that? Anyway, take care and keep in touch okie?

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