Class of 2006.

September 25, 2007

The WKWSCI Anniversary Dinner was great.

Incidentally, WKWSCI is such a bizarre name-change. First, it sounds like some west coast radio station. Second, it is the longest abbreviation ever! (10 syllables, try it.) So, to most of us, it’s still affectionately know as CS– to be honest, SCI also never really caught on.

I digress.

It was interesting to see what everyone’s been up to the past one year. In the sanctuary and shelter in the name of education, we camped out in the editing suites rushing the final cut, burned midnight oil at the Benches, got into intense philosophical, political and practical discussions during tutorials and after… Everyone dreamt the same dream. And we thought we knew life would be from here on.

Yet it seems, our lives diverged the moment we armed ourselves with our motar boards and stepped into the big bad world. People are big-shot journalists and media personalities. People took the plunge and lived the year in a foreign-speaking country. People are in New York City living the dream. People got married, are getting married, and want to get married. And people look at me puzzled when I tell them what I do.

I hear about V’s Norwegian escapades and I wonder what happened to me; to my restlessness, my once burning desire to get out at whatever the cost, to my eagerness to smell, taste and touch the world.

It is strange what one year can do to a person.

“So, where do you write now?” I asked a friend who, from Freshman year, was one of the surest people about what he wanted to do.

“I am not writing.”

Sometimes, there is a weird pinch of longing, but otherwise, catching up with everyone was wonderful.

Thanks to WS for getting me off my lard butt and practically forcing me to go by saying she’d already registered for me (I wasn’t, by the way :p).

Here’s the Class of 2006:

Class of 2006

Erm, I kind of ripped it off (hope you don’t mind, babe).

My rock of a camera decided to flip out on me, so I was rather shamelessly sticking my face into others’. Now I’m counting on their charity for my memories… *hint hint*


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