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Coming home

March 28, 2009

As promised, here are the pictures:

Point and Shoot Europe – by Xiu

Europe 2009 – by Pig

I just have to say, the A380 is the most wonderful thing!

I never thought I’d say this (except for the time I travelled to Munich on Business class): The flight was awesome.

12-hours straight of movie watching on a large, pretty screen: My Best Friend’s Girl (forgettable chick flick), The Curious Case of Benjamin Button  (fantastic show!), Slumdog Millionaire (good, but overrated), Twilight (haha, yes, again) and other snippets of TV here and there.

Excellent service, what with the peppermint tea, hot chocolate, Mars ice-cream, the snack bag, the bananas and constant supply of drinks. I have to give kudos to Qantas: Either they revamped themselves, or their service ain’t that bad for long haul trips. (Although, there was a period of pretty rough turbulence that got me a little worried.)

And I couldn’t get over the crazy leg room!


Heart vs. Mind

March 20, 2009

I almost went crazy on Champs Elysees trying to decide.

It’s like everything in life – making a choice between the thing that is exciting and drives you crazy or the safe and practical.

Practicality won out in the end. Oh well…

But, truth be told, I’m still thinking of “Heart”.


Inspired by Cambridge

March 9, 2009

Walking the foosteps of the Greats

Where Kings and Science and Poets made

Eight hundred years in genius grooming

Queens Anne and Kate on carvings looming

Verdent lawn, fountain courts, leaning tower

Brass bug that eats time by the hour

Harmony hovers in fanned canopy

And Isaac Newton’s apple tree.

Just my words for now. Pictures worth a thousand of them when I get back.

Pig is in Montmarte, Paris 4:15am

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