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Wisdom for a corporate drone

October 29, 2009

“People do not do what you expect,

People do what you inspect.”


Talk about vicious cycle

October 9, 2009

Lookie here, what’s all this with the iTunes store not operating in Singapore?

Sure, they have some pseudo-store that sells obscure games like “Tap Tap Revenge III” (don’t ask), but apparently not much else.

Makes sense : we’re Asian and so we’re all Pirates and have no respect for any property that’s intellectual.

Take a look at my proud shelves of DVDs. My principle not to watch anything “not original” stems from four and a half years of toiling in the Media and a misplaced conviction that my watching of Veronica Mars in its pretty box-set is contributing to the betterment of the TV industry (and saving a Production Assistant from starvation).

You can be sure I would have gladly paid the US$1.29 for Kris Allen’s new single.

Only that I am sent around in circles to find out that song – and any other thing worthwhile (i.e. the music) – is not available in my location! Would I like to buy “Tap Tap Revenge”* instead?

(Ok, so it not all that shocking, considering I’ve done the same thing since I got my first iPod in 2003. But every few months I like to try my luck, hoping that maybe the good people at Apple finally came to their senses. Before, we had no store all! I can’t figure out which is worse though – having no store or the sad imitation of one we’ve got now.)

Easy for a more savvy person to turn to Kazaa or whatever is the “in” thing that has not been shut down nowadays.

Sorry, Kris.

* I must disclaim that I didn’t actually buy this game, so it may be a really good game for all I know, but you get my drift.


OK. It’s depressing when you can totally relate.

October 6, 2009
Dilbert 27-Sep-2009

Dilbert 27-Sep-2009

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