Talk about vicious cycle

October 9, 2009

Lookie here, what’s all this with the iTunes store not operating in Singapore?

Sure, they have some pseudo-store that sells obscure games like “Tap Tap Revenge III” (don’t ask), but apparently not much else.

Makes sense : we’re Asian and so we’re all Pirates and have no respect for any property that’s intellectual.

Take a look at my proud shelves of DVDs. My principle not to watch anything “not original” stems from four and a half years of toiling in the Media and a misplaced conviction that my watching of Veronica Mars in its pretty box-set is contributing to the betterment of the TV industry (and saving a Production Assistant from starvation).

You can be sure I would have gladly paid the US$1.29 for Kris Allen’s new single.

Only that I am sent around in circles to find out that song – and any other thing worthwhile (i.e. the music) – is not available in my location! Would I like to buy “Tap Tap Revenge”* instead?

(Ok, so it not all that shocking, considering I’ve done the same thing since I got my first iPod in 2003. But every few months I like to try my luck, hoping that maybe the good people at Apple finally came to their senses. Before, we had no store all! I can’t figure out which is worse though – having no store or the sad imitation of one we’ve got now.)

Easy for a more savvy person to turn to Kazaa or whatever is the “in” thing that has not been shut down nowadays.

Sorry, Kris.

* I must disclaim that I didn’t actually buy this game, so it may be a really good game for all I know, but you get my drift.


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