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What have we got against Scandinavia?

January 31, 2010

I have been looking for Rick Steves’ guide on Scandinavia in all the best bookshops – Borders, Kinokuniya and Page One – and even at Planet Traveller, but not a single one of them stock it.

It seems Scandinavian countries are not very popular destinations for us Singaporeans.

It’s quite bizarre because, as a result of squeezing four million people into the 680 square kilometers, we are a relatively well-travelled lot.

Singapore Airlines doesn’t even fly there! Okay, so I exaggerated for effect: they do fly to Copenhagen, but not to Oslo, which surprised me a little.

In case you completely drew a blank

Mention Scandinavia and Singaporeans get a little bit stumped.

Case in point, this is what R asked the first time we met the husband-to-be:

“So what language do you guys speak in Norway?”

“Erm… Norwegian?”

It’s a really sad state of affairs.

At the risk of sounding like completely ignorant and ethnocentric, there are probably only two things I know about each of the Scandinavian countries right now:

  • Norway – Salmon and Vikings
  • Denmark – “Hope”nhagen and Hans Christian Anderson
  • Sweden – Ikea and the Ice Hotel

And if you were brought up in the “country eraser” era of primary school, maybe you’d at least have the national flags etched in your brain.

So, I guess it’s a blessing that we have a good excuse to spend more than two weeks in the unlikeliest of travel destinations, and take home a little bit more than stereotypes and cliches.

And that is why I desperately need Rick to get me started.

Then maybe next on my agenda : visit Africa so I can finally learn the names of the countries.


Edit >> Okay, I was getting really desperate when I came across, a Singapore online bookstore that I never knew existed. And they have 79 copies of the 2010 version in stock! Unbelievable.

Right now, Pig is happy when life sticks you little surprises.


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January 27, 2010

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January 27, 2010

Take. Me. Away.


Baby talk

January 26, 2010

Sometimes I wonder if I am completely devoid of any maternal instinct.

It’s baby season, and photographs of newborns (as well as slideshows and videos – we do live in the digital age, you know) have been headlining my Facebook. In recent months, I think close to ten people I know just delivered. And while all normal females have been ahhing and oohing at the pictures, I really cannot bring myself to do any gawking.

So I say “Congratulations” – because I am sincerely happy that the mothers (and fathers) are so happy and proud – and “I love her name” – because sometimes I really do.

And because I cannot say, “I don’t see how your baby looks different from any other scrunched up ball covered in gunk, and honestly, all the drool and spit is a little disgusting.”

The Cynic in me thinks it could all just be socialization : our exposure to shows like ER and Anne Gedes photography from an early age makes us think appropriate behavior is for us to think that babies are the most adorable creatures.

Or maybe babies fall into the “love is blind” category : somehow, only the parents honestly think they are beautiful. And the rest of us are just hypocrites.

The Idealist in me thinks maybe one day I will understand. (This is what I thought since I was 12; nope, no change here yet.)

Okay, so I know that babies are like God’s gift to the world and everything, and I don’t mean to sound ungrateful. But honestly, in a competition of “cuteness”, any other baby animal in this kingdom God created will win hands down any day. I mean, who can not melt at the sight of a puppy?

That said, however, I am indeed more partial to little ones after they grow some hair, sit up, learn a few words and preferably start walking. So when I start commenting about how cute your toddler or kid is, I actually think so.

Still, those who know me know I’d much rather get a Golden Retriever.

In the interest of curiousity satisfaction, I Googled “I hate babies” and actually got 64.6 million hits!

In comparison, “I hate puppies” only got 1.7 million hits.

‘Nuff said.


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January 25, 2010

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To my Valentine

January 24, 2010


January 23, 2010
Kate Spade Bedford Stevie

Kate Spade Bedford Stevie

*squeal* Me likes!

Selling for only S$335 on my fave blogshop for bags. (If you are a bag whore like me, you’re going to love the site; and I can testify to Joanne’s excellent service.)

Normally, I’d probably be TT-ing the cash over by now. But I’m a changed girl… I shall not succumb to my desires.

Bye bye, nice pretty yellow bag! *sniff*

In the meantime, I should really move the items in my shopping cart on Amazon to the “Wish List” section.

I realized the reason I am spending much more time online nowadays – commenting on everyone’s Facebook status, creating slideshows of my photos and blogging on WordPress – is that I am trying to ration the last of my box-sets – Ugly Betty Season 3 and Private Practice Season 2.

Those have to last me at least until the Dream Vacation (and probably some time after that, since I’d probably be eating grass by then). Which is a difficult feat, considering they are usually gulped down within a weekend.

On another note, we just put down our deposits for the trip and our seats are confirmed!

Just to keep me motivated, I trawled through Things We Forget for this:

#288 from

I’m pretty sure you can find something there for every time you need inspiration.

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