(Realistic)* Dream House

January 14, 2010

The boyfriend and I found a perfect house that we could finally agree upon.

We seem to have quite differing views when it comes to real estate, except maybe for the criteria IN THE EAST.

Her priorities:

  1. Enough space to provide a golden retriever (to be called Murray) with a happy home
  2. Potential for a room to be converted into a walk-in closet
  3. Island kitchen and good space for entertaining
  4. Unblocked facing (my pet peeve is when you’re looking into another building)
  5. Balcony / patio / yard
  6. Not too huge, coz she’s not going to be cleaning it up (the boyfriend’s dreams usually hover around those in excess of 10,000 square feet)
  7. High ceiling, north-facing, bright and airy

His priorities:

  1. Somewhere to put his PS3 console and a huge-ass flat-screen

(I have officially designated one room for him, so that’s settled)


Right now, Pig needs S$2 million in cold, hard, cash.

* As I say in my goal-setting trainings, how realistic a goal is really depends on the time frame of the goal. Maybe it’ll be realistic when we’re 50. Or, I could win the LOTTO.


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