All kinds of excuses for kids these days

January 15, 2010

I was eavesdropping on Channel 5’s BlogTV last night (eavesdropping, because I don’t watch TV, but ever since he retired, my dad insists on blasting it) on this discussion on “Chinese Dyslexia”.

More and more Singaporean parents are having their children assessed for Chinese Dyslexia because their children are having trouble learning Chinese. And apparently, if diagnosed, they could even get out of studying Chinese altogether.

(Don’t sue me if the facts ain’t entirely straight, I’m just hearing bits and pieces from one floor up.)

Parents have all kinds of excuses for their kids these days!

In my time, no one ever heard of “Chinese Dyslexia”, or the Chinese “B-syllabus” for that matter (although that was shortly after; I ain’t that old)!

You’d think I’d understand : I have always struggled with Chinese in school. But we had no such excuses.

If you couldn’t master Chinese you were either Lazy or Stupid. And I do concede that I was probably the former.

It also seems like every other parent is sending their child to therapy for one disorder or another, when sometimes they seem perfectly fine to me. Not to be malicious, but it does make me wonder if, in certain cases, the parents are being a wee bit paranoid. And then it’s all just a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Remember the days when people used to have 10 children? I’m not sure they could even keep track of their whereabouts, much less over-analyze the child’s behavior. And they all turned out fine.

In any case, it’s really silly to be taking your kid out of Chinese lessons in this day and age. Almost as stupid as Google saying they’d pull out of China.

Cultural roots is just one thing (not really the most important, in my opinion), but you would be severely handicapping your kid in the future. You know, for when China takes over the world.

Besides, nobody likes a Quitter.


That being said, I sincerely believe I am Number Dyslexic, if there’s such a thing. Which completely explains why I failed Maths in Secondary School. Not because I basically did not do a single Maths assignment for the whole time, or anything.



  1. Ouch…that sort of hurts, because my mom took me out of studying Chinese. She was worried it’d lower my score.
    I kind of miss understanding it, to be honest.
    It’s my fault for letting it happen. Ugh.
    I should get back into it.
    Thanks for the blog post.
    It woke me up a little.

  2. Dear Student,

    Oh no, I feel awful! I didn’t mean to offend anyone.

    Just my random train of thought.

    I was terrible at Chinese back in school. That made me hate it immensely, so I didn’t put the slightest effort. Now I kind of regret it.

    It makes me feel guilty when Caucasians can speak better Mandarin than I do. And I hate it when I feel handicapped when talking with (or even arguing) with people from China. Makes me feel less intelligent than I really am. Haha…

    So I guess I’m probably more angry at myself than anyone else. 🙂

    Good luck to you!

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