January 23, 2010
Kate Spade Bedford Stevie

Kate Spade Bedford Stevie

*squeal* Me likes!

Selling for only S$335 on my fave blogshop for bags. (If you are a bag whore like me, you’re going to love the site; and I can testify to Joanne’s excellent service.)

Normally, I’d probably be TT-ing the cash over by now. But I’m a changed girl… I shall not succumb to my desires.

Bye bye, nice pretty yellow bag! *sniff*

In the meantime, I should really move the items in my shopping cart on Amazon to the “Wish List” section.

I realized the reason I am spending much more time online nowadays – commenting on everyone’s Facebook status, creating slideshows of my photos and blogging on WordPress – is that I am trying to ration the last of my box-sets – Ugly Betty Season 3 and Private Practice Season 2.

Those have to last me at least until the Dream Vacation (and probably some time after that, since I’d probably be eating grass by then). Which is a difficult feat, considering they are usually gulped down within a weekend.

On another note, we just put down our deposits for the trip and our seats are confirmed!

Just to keep me motivated, I trawled through Things We Forget for this:

#288 from thingsweforget.blogspot.com

I’m pretty sure you can find something there for every time you need inspiration.


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