Baby talk

January 26, 2010

Sometimes I wonder if I am completely devoid of any maternal instinct.

It’s baby season, and photographs of newborns (as well as slideshows and videos – we do live in the digital age, you know) have been headlining my Facebook. In recent months, I think close to ten people I know just delivered. And while all normal females have been ahhing and oohing at the pictures, I really cannot bring myself to do any gawking.

So I say “Congratulations” – because I am sincerely happy that the mothers (and fathers) are so happy and proud – and “I love her name” – because sometimes I really do.

And because I cannot say, “I don’t see how your baby looks different from any other scrunched up ball covered in gunk, and honestly, all the drool and spit is a little disgusting.”

The Cynic in me thinks it could all just be socialization : our exposure to shows like ER and Anne Gedes photography from an early age makes us think appropriate behavior is for us to think that babies are the most adorable creatures.

Or maybe babies fall into the “love is blind” category : somehow, only the parents honestly think they are beautiful. And the rest of us are just hypocrites.

The Idealist in me thinks maybe one day I will understand. (This is what I thought since I was 12; nope, no change here yet.)

Okay, so I know that babies are like God’s gift to the world and everything, and I don’t mean to sound ungrateful. But honestly, in a competition of “cuteness”, any other baby animal in this kingdom God created will win hands down any day. I mean, who can not melt at the sight of a puppy?

That said, however, I am indeed more partial to little ones after they grow some hair, sit up, learn a few words and preferably start walking. So when I start commenting about how cute your toddler or kid is, I actually think so.

Still, those who know me know I’d much rather get a Golden Retriever.

In the interest of curiousity satisfaction, I Googled “I hate babies” and actually got 64.6 million hits!

In comparison, “I hate puppies” only got 1.7 million hits.

‘Nuff said.


One comment

  1. great research!
    i googled “i have too much time on my hands” and came up with ur blog!

    lol.. neways, i swear the anti-baby thing is genetic. i don’t hate them. i just don’t think they’re remotely cute. but i like kids. some of them can be quite cute.

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