Bucket List

February 2, 2010

I stumbled across a list I started slightly more than a year ago on 43things.com, but which I never went back to again.

Well, I did one thing that was on the list right : the paper-saving programme we ran in the office was quite the success (that was my “Start an environmental programme in the office” goal which has now moved to the “I’ve done 2 things” tab).

I also think I had some ballroom dancing lessons, but probably tried to block out the entire experience.

But what surprises me is:

a) How my goals pretty much stay the same year on year (cross reference my 2010 resolutions), and

b) That I could actually be on my way to completing some of them this year!

Now, the number one thing to do on my list? To follow-up regularly on the list on 43things.com.


Right now, Pig is motivated.


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