Cold Turkey

February 12, 2010

Locked Out


Apparently, when people get separated from Facebook for 36 hours they get completely delusional. And voila! The Best Comment Thread Ever.

It’s like mass hysteria.

Presumably, a whole bunch of people typed “Facebook login” into Google search, for which a Read Write Web’s blog post about Facebook was returned as one of the top hits. Then, in a haze of desperation, and completely ignoring the fact that the look and feel is completely unlike Facebook, they zoned in on the first button that said “Comment” and just had to hit it and have their say.

All without figuring out that they weren’t actually on Facebook!

I think it is such a poetic representation of how both Google and Facebook have revolutionized the way we use the web. (An entry about this has been brewing in my head for quite some time, but that’s another story.)

Okay, truth be told, I was getting a little bit of separation anxiety myself (to the point I actually felt compelled to “Buzz” something to my non-existent followers). But, honestly?!?

You have to see it for yourself. HILARIOUS.


Right now, Pig is very amused (and also wondering why the hell Facebook is taking so darn so long!)


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