Inspiration Part I

February 13, 2010

(Inspiration – for behind the camera, not as the subject. :p)

And this is only the tip of the iceberg – check out more awesome photos from the Artistic Guild of the Wedding Photojournalist Association. Just the Q4 contest here is so drool-worthy!

One thing I’ve realized – unfortunately – is that even the best photographs are nothing without digital imaging. I so need to get Photoshop for my Mac, but the cost is just absurd!

Gosh, I’m such an armchair photographer. I really ought to bring the D500 500D for a spin in the field, rather than finding more bells and whistles to buy in order to miraculously improve my pictures.

My only hope right now is that gorging myself on a diet of pretty pictures online helps hone my “eye”.


EDIT >> After tonight’s reunion dinner shoot, I’ve proven that my level of photography is barely up to par with my 13-year-old cousin who never picked up an SLR before today. Objectifs had better work wonders.


One comment

  1. hey dear its the 500D not D500. :p

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