Money woes

March 1, 2010

Shit! Just dawned upon me how absolutely broke I am.

This happens about twice a month, whenever I get my credit card bills in the mail. Three years since owning my first plastic, and somehow I haven’t yet registered that stuff charged to a card do not miraculously dissipate into thin air.

So it is, that the deposit for the Dream Vacation, payment for air tickets to Norway and camera paraphernalia have now come back to haunt me.

Now, how am I ever going to scrounge up enough for the bills, much less for the rest of the cruise fare that is due before the end of this month.

The Boyfriend thinks I have no concept of money – it’s just sheets of paper that can buy things! (he says in a really bimbotic imitation).

*sigh* I hate that I am such a Rebecca Bloomwood.

The solution? I have to win the Big Sweep this Wednesday. No kidding.


Right now, Pig is depressed.



  1. shopaholic reference! ahaha. no bimbo makes literary (chick lit) references the way u do. 😉
    lol @ howe’s comment.

    • The key being CHICK LIT makes it all the more bimbotic, doesn’t it? Bimbo also is the person who gets the reference. :p

      Anyway, it’s no laughing matter. Feeling horribly poor. Sad…

  2. […] to be my next gorgeous “investment”. Unfortunately, I’ve to get out of the little financial rut […]

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