Finally, my way overdue review on TA

March 10, 2010

As someone who relies plenty on TripAdvisor for vacation decisions, I felt it was about time for me to give back some.

In fact, it was through the site, while searching for possible destinations for a corporate retreat, that I came across this gem of a place (#1 for Batam, even though it ain’t really in Batam).

So far, I’ve only ever tried to make one other review contribution, a more negative one about a hotel in Nice that was really disappointing despite the positive reviews it got. I felt it would help level the playing field a little, so others would be able to make a more educated choice. Unfortunately, as luck would have it, the page hung, I never got to submit the post and was too lazy to type another.

In either case, Telunas Beach Resort I would really recommend for an unconventional getaway. For those residing in Singapore, it requires almost zero planning, provided you have nothing against a three-hour ride on the local ferry, and having nothing in particular to do for a couple of days doesn’t bore you to tears.

As for me, I wanna go back! I need to just be bored and away from this maddening crowd.


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