March 31, 2010

I just realized I hit the 500th SMS conversation with the boyfriend. Not that I counted, but one of the (more useless) perks about owning a HTC Magic is that it tracks stuff like that for you.

This is since I bought the phone last July.

I’m not sure what that means really, but methinks maybe it’s not bad, for a dowdy couple in their sixth year.

Although, I must contend that three-quarters of those are probably from me – with one liners like “I’m bored” or “What time are you coming over?” – and another one-quarter from him saying “6 pm”.

(And then arriving at 8, which is what is happening right now, and you can tell that I am really bored – I have to be, to be carrying on about this longer than I need to).

Still, it’s a far cry from the days when we first started seriously conversing – not as a couple, mind you – just over ten years ago. At the time, text messaging was all the vogue and somehow we could easily exceed 1000 messages every month (not necessarily only to each other :p).

Ahh… Young love.


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