From my 43 things: How to start blogging again

April 9, 2010
“Finding my voice again”

How I did it: Well, can’t exactly say I’m done, but I have been blogging rather regularly – at least a couple of times a week – since 3 January. I guess now that the first Quarter is through, it is about a good a time as any for a review. (Oh yes, I have become that much of a corporate drone.)

I’m glad it’s kind of becoming a habit (or addiction!) for me, so hopefully it sticks.

Since leaving school, I haven’t had much chance to use words to express myself. Now much of my practice comes from trying to get things done via e-mail. But being confined to phrases like “kindly note”, “please revert by” and “we will proceed accordingly” isn’t exactly the best breeding ground for creativity.

When I started trying to write again, I found myself stuck for words for even the most simplest of thoughts. That was sobering. But there’s no secret to it, just discipline in terms of really putting into words what you want to say. Doesn’t matter if it sucks.

I started off maybe with a lot of pictures and few words, but now I can’t seem to stop the verbal diarrhoea!

Lessons & tips: I once picked up a great tip from the prolific Jodi Picoult (whose writing I admire immensely):

“Writing is not about being inspired, waiting for the muse to strike. You can always edit something bad. You can’t edit something blank. I’m always writing, even when I am not at my desk.”

I placed this at my workstation back when I still wanted to be a TV writer. But it is excellent advice, nonetheless.

Resources: Scrolling through my old blog posts was motivating. I realized how useful they were at documenting my life and my thoughts at any point in time, and they were great fodder for jumpstarting the memory.

Like, how a girl friend conveniently forgot that she fell into four feet of snow while getting off the bus while we were in Ithaca. And the exchange buddy didn’t remember it either. Normally, I would start doubting whether I imagined it all, but there it was, recorded in full glory!

Of course, you need to have a good blog host and WordPress I think has served me excellently.

It took me 90 days.

It made me


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