No place like home

April 9, 2010

Today, the boyfriend and I explored a new area that we decided we wouldn’t mind living in – well, at least we don’t have very many options given the budget constraints we have.

In many ways, it is ideal – spacious for the cost, breezy , with potential routes for walking Murray* and no cumbersome HDB rulings that excludes us from the running. Plus, people say the location is pretty “central” (it ain’t too far from the recent (read: ridiculous) record-breaking flat, so I guess it can’t be that bad).

For the same price, we could either live comfortably there or cram in a 500 square feet studio apartment in Katong.

But as I was driving back home, I got struck by a sudden fear – it’s so far away from home!

I know this sounds ridiculous in the Singaporean context, when everything is but a 20 minute drive away, but it’s like we’d be uprooting ourselves from everything we are familiar with – post-dinner shopping at Parkway Parade, popping over the Geylang for tau hway or shopping for Nachos and Dip at Siglap Centre.

Isn’t there any way that we could possibly remain in the East?

Don’t get me started the absurdity of the property market these days.

The new developments nearby have basically sunk to new lows (and I don’t mean in terms of price).

Case in point: They just launched a new development at Tanjong Katong, advertising as “starting from $4xx k”. Knowing they quote the prices for the tiniest unit on the lowest floor, I rationalized – and these were my words to the boyfriend exactly – even if it is a studio, it cannot be any less than 500 square feet. This would have meant it was going for less than $1000 per square foot (which already is a very high price, by the way), and a two- or three-bedroom unit might be possible.

Now I find out that the one-bedroom apartment starts from 334 square feet! That is 33 square metres, or even smaller than the deluxe room at Amara Sanctuary in Sentosa where we stayed. Honestly, is that even livable?!

This is clearly exploitation.


Right now, Pig is crossing her fingers that The Domain @ Siglap might just be her dream home.

* Name of the yet-to-be-adopted Golden Retriever



  1. oooh.. looking for a hse w the boyfren already??

    • Haha… We have been kind of window shopping for a couple of years now. But it’s not what you think!

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