Think it, then do it?

April 22, 2010

If there’s one thing to be said about me: When I want something, I go out and get it.

And I don’t mean that in the good sense.

My interest was piqued during Jino’s class last weekend when he mentioned Think Tank’s camera bags. (By the way, Jino gave plenty of great tips which I completely appreciated; unfortunately many of them, as with many things in life photography, require some “investment”.)

I did some research (I was quite depressed that they had it on Amazon but wouldn’t ship to Singapore) and, having some time to spare today, dropped by Shaw Towers and became the proud owner of the Rotation 360 in ten minutes flat.

I also figured the Aquapac would be absolutely essential. You know, since we’d be going onto zodiacs for landings, and we might get wet, and all that jazz. It’s being shipped as we speak.

Now I am having a wee bit of a guilt attack.

I’m so efficient when it comes to shopping that it scares me.



  1. its al worth it! i am resisting getting that colospace HD thing.. heee

    • Bwahahaha… You’re the worst influence! Tempted to get it too. Hee… I. Must. Resist.

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