Photoshoot : Tiong Bahru in Wide Angle

April 28, 2010

Originally uploaded by pigonwings

This exercise was inspired by @hanshoots: Tiong Bahru in Wide Angle (or not exactly)

I recently invested in a 10-22mm ultra-wide angle lens, which is apparently supposed to be quite spectacular, as far as entry-level lenses go at least.

Unfortunately, it has been doing little more than sit in my bag ever since. Every once in awhile, I shake off the dust and take a customary shot or two in deference to the cash I forked out for it, but it really isn’t my glass of choice.

Ironically, it is my 50mm f/1.8 Prime – costing barely a tenth of the price – that ends up getting the most air time. For “noobs” like myself, it is probably the most bang-for-your-buck piece of gear to start with.

As a result, however, I have been quite limited in terms of shot variety.

I realized this when I had to submit my last photo project. My interpretation of a fishery port is all gills, scales and guts, but I was hard-pressed when asked for an “establishing” shot of the area. (Thus the crappy poem to cover up this inadequacy.)

This was @hanshoots’ advice in light of this:

Try this, go out on a shoot one day, choose one lens only, and stick to that lens for the next week or so. You’ll find that you’ll see things very differently.

It makes perfect sense. So when the Little Sister called for a Sunday morning shootout at Tiong Bahru, it was an excellent opportunity for me to test it out.

I wish I could say that it opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me, but quite frankly, IT. WAS. PAINFUL.

It took a lot of discipline to resist reaching into my bag and fishing out a lens I knew would give me the shots I wanted.

As it turns out, I did not get a single shot I am particularly pleased with and I don’t think this selection showcases the potential of the lens at all. Hopefully with more practice it will get better, but I am so dreading the next time.

On the bright side, I brought the Think Tank Rotation 360 Beltpack out for a spin (I realized I don’t have enough gear to warrant using the rest of the backpack as yet), and it was perfect!


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