May 6, 2010

I woke up this morning – after collapsing from the exhaustion of commuting more than two hours on the bus and train yesterday – to this message:

I have set up the GPS for you. Just start your car and it will turn on, then touch the “Where to” icon and look for “Recently found”. The first entry is your office. Click on that, then touch “Go” after it calculates. It will direct you to take the PIE. According to your Dad, that’s the fastest way to get to the office so just follow it. Drive safe, and I love you.

I nearly died. The boyfriend had set it up for me after I had fallen asleep (or rather, K.O-ed) last night. I don’t even know how he found the postal code to my new office when I don’t know it myself.

Although he doesn’t always say or do the sweetest things, and he plays too much computer games :p, it’s stuff like this that blows me away. That, and him always taking my grumpiness, craziness and hysterics (oh, I can be quite over-the-top with those) with a smile.

I am so, utterly blessed.

P/S: Can I just say how much I respect all those people who travel from the East to the West (or vice versa) for work everyday? The distance is really not the worst part. The crowds are.



  1. awwww. tt’s sooo sweet!! that is not a pic of the two of u rite??

  2. Hahaha… Of course not! I ain’t so skinny. :p

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