Needing an Epiphanie… or four

May 13, 2010

Those who know me know that my one big retail weakness for years has been bags. It is the one thing I completely allow myself to splurge on. (*shushes sniggering from the sides*)

Since I picked up photography at the beginning of the year however, I have become increasingly vulnerable to photographic equipment and accessories as well.

It was quite difficult to reconcile the two – after all, it’s hard to look pretty and dainty when you are lugging around two kilograms of equipment.

Yes, I still shelled out good money for one of the best camera bags around and I’m not saying I’m not pleased with it. But to be honest, it’s like marrying the guy who is a safe and stable provider – you know in your mind it’s a good choice but not it’s not one that makes you giddy and giggly.

What happens when – being the diligent photography student that I am – I want to take my camera everywhere, but the camera bags I have just do not go with my wardrobe?

Being a girl – even one that some proclaim a ‘gadget girl’ – fashion wins out everytime. Recently, I have resorted to shoving my dSLR and 50mm Prime Lens into my Kate Spade Stevie completely unprotected. Ouch!

Then, the Little Sister sent me to Epiphanie Bags’ website and I’m head over heels!

Lola Red

Lola Red Interior


Belle Interior

Aren’t they just gorgeous? And just looking at all the gear fitting snugly (and well-protected) inside… *wipes away drool*

Bags + Photography = Double the Lust.

Now the only problem is, how do I choose among the four designs they have currently? I love them all!

Edit >> I heard from the D that they are currently out of stock and will only begin shipping mid-June. Darn, I was counting on it to look all chic traipsing around Norway.



  1. I ❤ ur analogy abt bags n the man u marry! its hilarious! i say buy all 4! my fave is the lola red with the belle following very closely behind!

  2. This is such an awesome post, thanks for linking to us! 🙂 When’s your trip? We’re likely to have them in before June 20th. Let us know and thanks again! 🙂

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