That’s why He made diamonds

May 28, 2010

As I lay sulking in full blown during-menstrual grumpiness last night – paralyzing cramps, backaches, out-of-whack hormones and the works – I couldn’t help wondering about God’s design of a baby-making machine.

Just for the possibility of having one, maybe two, babies in their lifetime, girls have to go through the pain (for some more than others) of menstruation every month for thirty years. Then when they do get pregnant, they feel nauseous all the time, grow fat, get varicose veins, and apparently get calcium leeched out of them that they may even lose their teeth. Not to mention the 20 hours of intense labour pains during childbirth, followed by lactating and needing to breastfeed the baby every two hours after it is born. (Yes, I’ve been hanging out with too many pregnant women for my own good.)

And the men, they get all the fun. They enjoy the sex and then play with the baby when it pops out.

Seems a little lopsided in terms of delegation to me.

It’s my opinion that the men need to make it up to us somehow.

And that’s why God made diamonds. :p


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