Having an Epiphanie

June 13, 2010

I have L.V., Gucci, Prada, Burberry, Kate Spade and Coach in my closet, but I take my Epiphanie bag wherever I go.

Yup, so I get did get an Epiphanie since my last gushy post, and it arrived just in time for the trip to Norway!

So, I have been receiving a lot of interest and compliments on my new bag  (yeah, so maybe I was fishing a little by exclaiming, “Look, how cool is this?” to everyone I met), and I have taken to distributing the Epiphanie Bag’s website on napkins over dinner.

All the girls want it; and the guys, well I’ve been telling them that it is the perfect way to score points with their woman.

To those who asked, here’s the site once again : www.epiphaniebags.com.

P/S: Interesting observation – Only photographers will tell you “That’s quite alright” when they ask the price. Yes, even the men. I guess, in their mind, it’s barely a fraction of the cost of a new lens! :p


One comment

  1. i still owe u for my epiphanie! but i am really regretting i din buy the belle!!

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