Good luck to us

June 19, 2010

My travel countdown widget tells me it’s less than 24 hours to our departure for Norway.

That also means the same amount of time to 16 days of being with the boyfriend 24/7; and ten of those days while on a boat surrounded by a large body of water.

I wonder if we’ll kill each other.

The last time we were together this much was when I stayed at his apartment in Perth for two months after graduation (and even then, he was having classes and I was touring Western Australia with my girl friends much of the time).

I recall there was Kopiko sweets-throwing and broken plates.

But seriously speaking, this is our first trip to somewhere more than 7 hours away together, and I can’t wait!


One comment

  1. u’re gonna have great fun i am sure! can’t wait to see ur pics when u get back!

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