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June 24, 2010

So here we are in Norway.  I know I ought to sharing about the majestic fjords (which really are something) – and I will – but first, I wanted to quickly post this picture that made my day.

We came across these roses for sale while strolling in the pretty city of Bergen in western Norway.

Maybe the setting of the buckets of fresh flowers outside a quaint little florist played a part, but I thought they were the prettiest flowers I have ever seen. The whole feel was completely Gabrielle Kai-esque, if you know what I mean.

However, as luck would have it, my camera had run out of battery.

I should mention that, at that point, the boyfriend and I were headed back to our hotel to get our luggage and catch the bus to the airport. But I was adamant about getting the shot.

So after we trudged up the hill to our hotel (it was quite the trudge) and grabbed our stuff, we made a detour to the flower shop on our way to the bus stop.

Fortunately or unfortunately, by the time we got back, the shop was closing. Unfortunate because the flowers had been taken in, and I could not get the picture I had in my head. Fortunate because, as she was closing up, the shop’s owner was still around, and she nicely obliged to me sticking my head into the refridgerator to take a few snaps.

Of course, I was so grateful for that that we ended up spending the 139 Kr on a bunch to take back.

I’m bringing this up because the lady who owns the flower shop is a great example of my experience with the people in Norway so far. It is so refreshing to meet a bunch of people who don’t seem to sweat the small stuff.


Pig is in Oslo, Norway.


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