Adventures in the land of the Midnight Sun – Chapter 1

June 26, 2010

22 June 2010 “Norway in a Nutshell”

This round-trip is one of the “must-dos” while in Norway, at least according to Rick Steves.

We took the journey across Norway’s rugged mountainous spine from Oslo to Bergen, through the most amazingly varied landscape in all of 12 hours.

Sure, it was a little “touristy” (we probably met more Americans than Norweigians along the way) but the absolutely spectacular scenary more than made up for it.

Pictures probably don’t do it justice. We have all heard about the Norway’s natural beauty – and the fjords, of course – but seeing it all really took my breath away.

Right out of a picture book

Finse, the highest point on the journey, is 1222 metres above sea-level

Flåm is the most prettily situated town I have ever seen

Crusing Norway's famous fjords

Sognefjord - Norway's deepest and longest fjord, is on UNESCO's world heritage list


Pig is in Oslo, Norway


One comment

  1. You’re alive!! Glad to see that you and my 50mm are having a swell time. :))

    Love the landscapes. But my favorite has to be the pretty white flowers.

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