In the moment

July 8, 2010

Here’s a little interlude while I put off uploading posts from the rest my trip, which has, by the way, been inducted into Pig’s hall of fame as BEST VACATION EVER.

I think I got a little too trigger-happy though. Taking like 300 shots of every polar bear I saw probably wasn’t the best idea as I am actually dreading having to go through my photos right now.

Anyway, I have come realize over the years that I can’t seem to pull off what people call “living in the moment”. Even at high points in my life, I often find myself wondering, anticipating, daydreaming or worrying about what the future holds. Much to my frustration, I’m always looking forward to the “next big milestone” that I can’t fully appreciate the present.

But as we held our breath watching two polar bears sharing a kill from our zodiac, or stood staring right into a walrus’ tusks from three feet away, or collectively shrieked as a 90-foot blue whale surfaced just inches from the ship’s bow, it was difficult to be anywhere else. As Joe Holliday puts it, it was the marine mammal equivalent of Forth of July fireworks.

People often talk about vacations as “getaways”; I think I now comprehend what they are all about. This trip swooped me away from my past, present and future, and for once in my life I really was THERE. All of me,  basking in every minute.

Although, I must admit that I was still having stress dreams about work, so maybe Freud would say my subconscious really wasn’t fully into it. Bleah…

Thanks to my travel buddy for sharing this little two-week escape from reality with me. Having no internet (or phone) connection in the high Arctic (despite us purchasing a 30-minute internet card that went untouched) probably helped to this end too.


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