Adventures in the Land of the Midnight Sun – Chapter 5.1

August 7, 2010

29 June 2010 Fjord of Sorrow

This morning we landed at Sorgfjorden and joined the National Geographic photographers for a photo hike. The name translates to “Fjord of Sorrow”, but it was the fjord of amazing experience for me.

It was such an honour to have really excellent photographers such as Lindblad’s Mike Nolan in the company sharing their knowledge and experience with us. The landing site was simply beautiful with so many photographic opportunities that the allocated three hours just weren’t enough. In a 100 meter radius there were walruses sunbathing on the coast, endless stretches of Arctic tundra, a lone cross atop the hill, the unmarked graves of men who had died during a French-Dutch whaling conflict in the 17th century, driftwood (even though there was not a tree in sight) and a trapper’s hut.

The weather is finally starting to feel like the Arctic, but my Muck Boots and Mammut jacket are keeping me warm and toasty.

Old rugged cross

Long hike

Trapper's hut

Expert naturalist and talented wildlife photographer, Mike Nolan

The afternoon was spent on the ship’s bow with our cameras in hand. Trying to spot an ivory bear on the white ice really is an exhausting task, however.

I discovered that 400mm really isn’t all that long for shooting wildlife (heck, even the 1000mm Mike was kind enough to let us try didn’t seem satisfying enough), but I do love my wide-angle.


This post was written on board the National Geographic Explorer.


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