Adventures in the Land of the Midnight Sun – Chapter 7

August 10, 2010

1 July 2010 In search of Big Foot

We finally saw a polar bear (or “ice bear” as they are called in this part of the world) after four rather frustrating sightings that we quickly lost.

We were beginning to think they were mythical creatures. The passengers sat around trading conspiracy theories over hot chocolate – like how Lindblad had merely placed a stuffed toy on the ice while we were not looking before promptly leading us into a fog.

This bear was sleeping out in the vast, open ice. It was quite a distance away, barely visible through my 400mm lens, but we managed to creep up on it a bit – at least, as much as a 6000-ton vessel breaking through the ice can creep – before it awoke. As we stood out on the decks in silent awe (I believe I was squealing under my breath), it decided the huge, approaching chunk of metal wasn’t something it was keen to stick around for.

The bear scampering / lumbering away while sneaking furtive glances back at us is a sight I will never forget.

Ice Bear


This post was written on board the National Geographic Explorer.


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