Photoshoot : A little taste of Malaysia

August 22, 2010

The Tanjong Pagar Railway Station has been a subject of contention between Singapore and Malaysia for many years – the Malaysian-owned station and its tracks lie on prime land running right through to our city centre and, as expected, has been a thorn in the side of the Singaporean government.

Now that an agreement has finally been reached to move the railway, the photo buddies and I decided that a field trip to capture the essence of the place was in order.

The station – a remnant of our past as a part of Malaysia – is a surreal place that seems to be lost in time (and locality) amid the towering skyscrapers and spanking new facades of Singapore’s central business district. Just a hop, skip and jump from the city, Singaporeans can step onto Malaysian soil for a little taste of Malaysia without ever having to leave our sunny island. Quite literally too, for who can resist a Ramly Burger while there?

The building will surely be conserved after it ceases operations in July 2011. It will probably be more beautiful than it has ever been and may well become the next swanky hot spot in town (I have faith in the Singaporean government when it comes to things like this), but the genuine flavour we can still get there today will soon be forgotten.


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