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September 20, 2010

The boyfriend and I celebrated turning six years as a couple with an overnight – or as they say nowadays, a “staycation” – at Marina Bay Sands. I love how they coined a neologism for that. So it’s a little corny, but manages to perfectly encompass the previously cumbersome “overnight stay at a hotel in Singapore” or “vacation without leaving the country” in three syllables.

We were pleasantly surprised to have been upgraded to their Orchid Suite. Ok, that is an understatement; I think that one move made our stay. (I actually had the opportunity to return for a site visit to the rooms and a couple of junior suites some time after our stay, and I still think the one we stayed in was much nicer.)

It is amazing how a little luxury, in a relatively large space, overlooking the sea (and a construction site), can make one feel invincible. If only for a few hours, we were living the high life : in-room dining, lounging by the infinity pool on the 57th floor, eating celebrity chef teppanyaki and window-shopping at designer boutiques. Like Audrey Tatou in Priceless. Especially when there were 70-carat rings retailing for $29 million a pop in one of the shops downstairs… no kidding!

Unfortunately, that feeling lingered when we found ourselves in a mall more within our price range the next day – The boyfriend ended up with a spanking new set of golf clubs, and I with a new handbag and some jewellery.

I really like Marina Bay Sands, architecturally, even if it was crawling with gawking Singaporeans.

Sea-view is overrated though; the next time, I’d choose to face the bay instead of the sea. Located on the other side of the bay, the Sands has an incredible sweeping view of the Singapore skyline – I think the best in the whole of Singapore!

Of course, the infinity pool at the Skypark was one of the highlights.

Ku De Ta wasn’t open yet (it was open for a private party though), so we shopped around for a restaurant to have dinner at. We managed to squeeze ourselves in at Hide Yamamoto for teppanyaki even though they were fully reserved on a Friday night.

The breakfast table was so lovely in the morning light streaming into the room. I couldn’t resist taking plenty of photos, while my bacon and eggs lay getting cold on the platter.


Pig is at Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort, Singapore



September 10, 2010

Less than three weeks to our short getaway to Bali for J’s wedding, but I’m once again having itchy feet.

It’s my fault, really, surfing airline sites for their year-end airfare deals is like a buffet spread for someone on a diet.

I feel like going somewhere that is familiar and hassle-free; like to Osaka for ramen, or to Perth for Margaret River wine.

But, is it really bad that I have only been in this new company for less than six months (I think it’s closer to four), and I have already taken more than 15 days’ vacation leave?

Not to mention I must consider the impact of my leave plans for 2011: Greece with the girl friends, the couples’ getaway with the married peeps to Hokkaido, photog trip to India and visiting the boyfriend’s brother in Canberra.

Sometimes I wish I wouldn’t have people judging me for all the time I’d be away from the office. I don’t know how D does it, jetting off to somewhere spectacular every other month (or more).

P/S : And, whatever happened to the promise I made to the boyfriend that I wouldn’t travel anywhere for five years after our exorbitant trip this summer? :p


Inspiration Part IV

September 7, 2010

This morning, I got a happy dose of Mandy Lynne’s “I believe in Pink” series.

I just had to share.

What a lovely way to start a Tuesday!

Visit Mandy Lynne’s blog to see her beautiful work in full.

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