September 10, 2010

Less than three weeks to our short getaway to Bali for J’s wedding, but I’m once again having itchy feet.

It’s my fault, really, surfing airline sites for their year-end airfare deals is like a buffet spread for someone on a diet.

I feel like going somewhere that is familiar and hassle-free; like to Osaka for ramen, or to Perth for Margaret River wine.

But, is it really bad that I have only been in this new company for less than six months (I think it’s closer to four), and I have already taken more than 15 days’ vacation leave?

Not to mention I must consider the impact of my leave plans for 2011: Greece with the girl friends, the couples’ getaway with the married peeps to Hokkaido, photog trip to India and visiting the boyfriend’s brother in Canberra.

Sometimes I wish I wouldn’t have people judging me for all the time I’d be away from the office. I don’t know how D does it, jetting off to somewhere spectacular every other month (or more).

P/S : And, whatever happened to the promise I made to the boyfriend that I wouldn’t travel anywhere for five years after our exorbitant trip this summer? :p


One comment

  1. hmm.. i wonder which fren is that of urs so lucky to be travelling every other month! its definitely not me!
    hee hee..

    but come on chuan, its totally not possible to travel for 5 yrs la!

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